Genos DSC!

Welcome to Genos! Simply put, Genos is here to make its investors MONEY!

Genos has multiple ways to make money.  

  1. Simply hold Genos in your wallet to receive BNB reflections on BSC and wDoken reflections on DSC.
  2. Stake to earn on DSC.
  3. Farm to earn on DSC.

Genos has always worked hard to learn from Saitama.  After years of Saitama disappointment, Genos will bring to DEFI utility and use case that has been missing!

Integration into DoKEN Ecosystem and beyond.

Doken has launched DSC (Doken Super Chain). Genos will take advantage of the fast TPS and gas free ecosystem to implement farming and staking.

Genos will make sure you are making money regardless of volume!

Hodl, stake, or farm. Pick your poison and watch your money work for you!

Total Supply

100,000,000,000 GENOS

Genos’ goal is to make money and increase the marketcap with a unique strategy. 


The marketing wallet will be used to stake or farm on the top farming/staking websites. The harvest will be used to buyback and pump the chart! The volume will also help reward those who just wish to hodl their tokens. At the same time, the value of the staked or farmed tokens would increase value as well!

Staking FAQ

  1. Adding to your stake will reset the staking timer.
  2. Harvest before unstaking.
4% Marketing Tax

The Farm will need some funds, this is where we will get it from!

2% BNB Reflection on BSC

2% BNB reflections on BSC. 2% wDoken reflections on DSC.

2% Auto Liquidity

We will take 2% of every transaction and put it back to liquidity

1% Development Tax

We will use this to develop the project further

1% Staking pools

This tax will be used to feed the staking pools on DSC!

***See telegram for up to date tokenomics as these are constantly changing based on business needs.


Phase 1

Project Initiation 100
Web & Social Launch 100
Staking Pools 0
CG & CMC applications 0
Web Wallet Dapps 100

Phase 2

Staking partnerships 0
Farms on DSC 0
Genos NFT's 0
Stable coin staking pools 0

Phase 3

Multichain Bridge 0
Doken wallet integration 0
Genos P2E game 0

Genos Wallet

Powerfull web wallet which can be used by investors
with lot of features including swap and atomic swap