A new Hero is Born!

Welcome to Genos. We are a community driven platform that will team-up with Doken to save the day! Our goal is to provide our investors with utilities such as Massive staking APR’s and BUSD reflection for for passive income.


In the near future, we will bring Genos NFT trading , NFT Staking, Genos Fan Art Competition for awesome Prizes and much more. 


The back story of Genos success and popularity:

Genos has always worked hard to learn from his mentor, One Punch Man. After years of training, Genos finally has his chance to shine and is ready to protect the crypto realm when his mentor has decided stay away from the spotlight after achieving his goal.

Integration into DoKEN Ecosystem and beyond.

Doken has launched DokenPad and the role of Genosv2 comes here. Genos will be auto-bought and burned by the launchpad fees!

Doken plans on NFT staking integration and Genos NFT’s will be utilized for staking rewards.

Genos is stepping out from Saitama’s shadow. His journey as our underdog hero will be told by a new Manga we will make in the future.

Total Supply

100,000,000,000 GENOS

Genos Goal is to develop token with a solid and growing community with a powerfull utility, as for that we understand that many investors love simple and fair tokenomics. We decided to create a project with low tax but still able to rewards hodlers, especially diamond hand investors


Staking FAQ

  1. Please Harvest any pending rewards before a pool expires. Not doing so will cause you to lose all pending rewards.
  2. After a pool expires, please use emergency unstake to withdraw the tokens you have deposited in the pool.
  3. Please visit our Telegram for all up to date news regarding staking pools.


6% Marketing Tax

Well, we need some marketing push right ? We will utilize this tax to deliver marketing

1% BUSD Reflection

We all love reflection ! yes, we will also distribute reflection for hodlers with BUSD

5% Auto Liquidity

We will take 5% of every transaction and put it back to liquidity

1% Development Tax

We will use this to develop the project further

1% Buy Back & Giveaways

This tax would be used for buyback and giveaways to attract more investors

***See telegram for up to date tokenomics as these are constantly changing based on business needs.


Phase 1

Project Initiation 100
Web & Social Launch 100
Staking Pools 100
Staking partnerships 100
Web Wallet Dapps 100

Phase 2

CG & CMC Application 61
Contests and giveaways 60
Genos NFT's 42
Integration with dokenpad 100

Phase 3

Genos Manga 0
nft staking 0
bnb and busd staking pools 0

Genos Wallet

Powerfull web wallet which can be used by investors
with lot of features including swap and atomic swap